Tailored English courses help define your needs and objectives and guide you to success. 

The methodology is dynamic and is based on a communicative approach that will remove your blocks and insecurities of using the language. This is accomplished with verbal practice and grammar spots taught by a native English teacher.

Topics from the National Geographic magazine and Ted Talks are used for students with levels B1 - C1.

The aim is to develop vocabulary and more complex grammar structures via interesting topics that have been published over the past 100 years.

A structured syllabus is used for levels A0 - A2 to methodically build on your knowledge using current topics.

We know learning another language is hard work but why not make it interesting!

At the core of our philosophy is creativity, interaction and expert knowledge of the English language. We promote and foster positive motivation and self-confidence during your progress and use of the English language.

Come explore with us!

Our Philosophy

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